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Review of the Olight I5T EOS AA Pocket Flashlight

Thanks for checking in again with Best Tactical Flashlights! Today I want to take a look at a durable and economical pocket flashlight. I review a lot of tactical flashlights and I like to mix it up with some really impressive ultra bright small flashlights. The Olight I’m reviewing today isn’t tactical, but still extremely impressive. I’m going to be reviewing the Olight I5T EOS LED flashlight. So let’s get started.

First Impressions of the Olight I5T EDC Flashlight

Olight is an extremely reputable brand. Their lights come with a great warranty and I really like the design of most Olight flashlights. It’s no different with the I5T EOS. This light has incredible style behind it. It’s quite small at less than 4 inches in length, perfect for carrying in your pocket. It has a two-way pocket clip that’s also removable. And the pocket clip is blue which gives the mini light a really nice pop. I like when lights have just a little bit of color to them. It makes it a bit more interesting to me. 

pocket flashlight olight i5t eos

If you look at the knurling on it, it has a double helix pattern that looks fantastic. It doesn’t provide the best grip, but this compact flashlight fits so easily in your hand and it’s so small, I’m not really too worried about the flashlight slipping. 

So the light looks great and it’s pretty powerful too. The I5T EOS pocket flashlight delivers a maximum output of 300 lumens. This is a good amount of light for a pocket flashlight. When you turn the flashlight on, the beam is fantastic. It’s on the flood side and that is exactly what I prefer in my EDC lights. The beam is soft and it’s easy on the eyes and the beam sort of fades into the high mode. It doesn’t just pop into the high mode like other flashlights. It kind of warms into it if that makes sense. It gives your eyes a bit of time to adjust to the new brightness level. I enjoy this feature myself. However, I could see other users not caring about it so much which is why I want to mention it here.

AA Powered Pocket Flashlight

With an AA flashlight you can see some pretty impressive outputs when using multiple AA batteries. For example, the Fenix LD42 delivers 1000 lumens and requires four AA batteries. So that gives you a good idea of how much you can get out of an AA battery. AA batteries are really not that powerful especially when compared to lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries. However, they are so convenient to find and so inexpensive. For many people, AA batteries are really preferable for their flashlights and I can’t blame them. They’re easy to come by and every household typically has them. 

aa flashlight olight i5t eos

Looking at the user interface, this pocket flashlight features a single tail switch. With the tail switch you have a momentary on and a constant on. You have two outputs which are high and low and the flashlight is always going to turn onto the low output. So with a half press you can get a momentary low and if you turn the flashlight off and half press again you can get a momentary high. Not the best for tactical use, but really effective for everyday carry. Many users prefer using the lower outputs with their everyday carry flashlights anyway so having a momentary low could work really well with this pocket flashlight.

With the constant on, you do a full press and the light will turn onto low. If you turn the light off and turn it back on within 2 seconds then you’ll get to the high mode. It sounds weird when I’m typing it down, but it’s more intuitive when you’re actually using the flashlight itself. It’s not the greatest user interface, but it’s extremely simple and easy to remember. There’s certainly something to be said about a simple user interface especially when we’re talking about flashlights that feature triple switch designs each switch featuring its own functions. I think all-in-all Olight did a good job with the user interface on this.

Multiple Outputs on the Olight I5T EOS

I did mention that there are two outputs. So you have the high which gives you 300 lumens and low which gives you 15 lumens. Olight is upfront about when the output is going to drop and what it’s going to drop to. Most LED flashlights feature some sort of temperature regulation that will force the light to drop in output, but you won’t always see any specs that detail this. I really appreciate that Olight details the drops in output. 

So according to Olight’s specs, the I5T EOS has 300 lumens for 3 minutes, 150 lumens for 25 minutes, and 30 lumens 422 minutes. That’s high and those are the drop-down times of high. The low of 15 lumens can last up to 20 hours. So these two outputs give a useful amount of light. 300 lumens is great and 15 lumens is absolutely usable. I know some users are going to prefer a moonlight mode, but this light does not have that. 15 lumens it’s still a great light for EDC.

pocket olight flashlight i5t eos

I’m impressed with the run times on this using an AA battery. Typically, due to the fact that AA batteries are not that powerful, you’re not always going to see the higher output or the longer run times. Olight did  a good job giving you these run times with just using an AA battery.

Final Thoughts on the Olight I5T EOS Pocket Flashlight

Pros: I like a lot about this flashlight so this list may go on and on. First off, I really like the look and design of the I5T EOS. The double helix design gives it a unique look along with the pop of blue that the pocket clip has. Olight often puts a touch of blue in their products and it stands out to me. 

The beam on this flashlight is excellent. It’s soft and wonderfully balanced, great for up-close work. The fading into the high mode is really nice and a bit easier on my eyes. The single tail switch is easy to operate and it doesn’t even require too much thought to do it. So it’s a simple user interface.

Finally, I can’t get over that this is an AA flashlight. Olight did such a good job getting the most out of a single AA flashlight. Not only does this light have power and usable outputs, it also has a great amount of run time for this battery. Not only that, AA batteries are extremely convenient and a lot of people prefer them so it’s great to see an AA flashlight from such a reputable brand such as Olight.

olight flashlight i5t eos

Cons: So a couple cons with this light. Honestly I can’t really find too much to talk about here. I guess my only wish would be that this light could run on lithium-ion batteries as well. However, it’s great as an AA flashlight so even that complaint doesn’t really hold.

Conclusion: This is one awesome pocket flashlight. It’s so inexpensive and a great deal considering that the light is durable and comes with a 5 year warranty. But that’s Olight for you. If you’re looking for a new everyday carry flashlight and you’re wanting something that doesn’t make your wallet sad, this is an awesome pocket flashlight. I would recommend this for beginners and I would recommend this for flashlight enthusiasts. It’s so intuitive and so simple. If you’re looking for a new pocket flashlight, make sure to check out the Olight I5T EOS everyday carry flashlight.

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