Small Tactical Flashlight Review – Klarus XT1C 700 Lumens


EDC flashlights are one of my favorite categories of flashlights to review because it’s a tool I carry with me everyday. I’m always looking for the best EDC light and when I find one that I really like I’m always very excited to share my experience with it. One pocket flashlight that I particularly love is the Klarus XT1C. This little light is powerful, versatile, and compact enough to carry in my pocket daily. Today I’ll be reviewing the XT1C and giving you some of the highlights as well as some features that users may not be thrilled about. So let’s dive right into this EDC light.

Powerful Compact Flashlight

One of the most important features to look for in an everyday carry flashlight is a compact size. The XT1C is less than 3 and a half inches in length which is perfect to put in your pocket or in a purse. It also features a removable two way pocket clip giving you a bit of versatility with how you would like to clip the flashlight. Delivering up to 700 lumens, this flashlight is mind-blowing. It’s really incredible to see such power from such a small tool.

klarus xt1c compact flashlight

Multiple Outputs

The XT1C is operated using the dual tail switches and the user interface is very easy to learn which is always a plus for me. With the three brightness levels ranging from 5 lumens to 700 lumens, the strobe mode, and the SOS mode, this flashlight is prepared for anything. With more outputs you have more options so you can use the flashlight in more situations. The low or medium brightness levels will really come in handy if you are reading something at night or in the dark or you’re wanting to conserve the battery. It’s always great to have an EDC flashlight that features multiple outputs.

Not only does the XT1C have multiple outputs, it also features two programmable settings that you can choose between. You have the Tactical Setting that gives you access to an instant strobe mode and you have the Outdoor Setting that gives you instant low. So you can choose which setting you want for different situations. If you know you’re going to be navigating a sketchy part of town you can put the XT1C in the Tactical Setting which will allow you to disorient an attacker with that instant strobe. If you’re using the flashlight for your job then you might prefer the outdoor setting where you can access the Instant low. This flashlight is versatile enough that it could easily be used for EDC purposes, tactical purposes, outdoor activities like camping, and more.

Power Source

With any EDC light you’re interested in you want to check the power source. The XT1C is compatible with a 16340 lithium ion battery or a CR123 lithium battery. With any pocket flashlight I prefer that it can run on different kinds of batteries giving me more options if I happen to run out of one kind of battery. So I really like that the XT1C is compatible with two different types of batteries.

Included with this flashlight is a Klarus 16340 battery that is micro USB rechargeable. If a flashlight is not rechargeable I really like using batteries that have the micro USB charging port on them. This allows me to charge the battery while I’m working on my computer rather than having to bring a battery charger with me to work. If I need the XT1C while I’m charging the 16340 battery I can just equip the flashlight with a CR123 battery and keep using the light. So Klarus did a great job with the power source of the XT1C.

Rugged EDC Flashlight

Because you’re carrying an EDC light with you daily you’re going to want something that’s really durable. This small flashlight is absolutely durable and long-lasting. The XT1C is constructed from aluminum alloy and has a hard anodized finish giving it that really nice matte finish. It can withstand daily use and can even withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s impact-resistant up to 1 meter so it’ll hold up when you accidentally drop it. If you’re carrying this flashlight on you everyday you definitely will drop it at some point accidentally. It’s also waterproof so you can use this flashlight out in the craziest of rain storms and it’ll be fine.


There’s a lot to love about the Klarus XT1C. I was surprised by how much I liked it to be honest. For my pocket flashlights I prefer a side switch design but I really like the dual tail switches on this flashlight. The 700 lumens is impressive and it reaches out really far, up to 210 meters which is really impressive. One downside that some users may find in the XT1C is that it lacks a momentary on function. A momentary on is often essential in tactical flashlights so the XT1C may not make the best tactical flashlight. However it does have some tactical features that you don’t often see an everyday carry flashlights like that instant strobe.

All in all I highly recommend this XT1C flashlight because of its ease-of-use, its versatility, its power, and its durability. Klarus really knows how to make innovative top of the line high quality products. So you can’t go wrong with the Klarus XT1C.

You can buy the Klarus XT1C HERE