Small tactical flashlight review Best compact flashlight 2016


Small tactical flashlight review Best compact flashlightNow the market is over saturated with lot of junk flashlight. Thus, you need to know few specific things before taking buying decision. And my advice is that you need to pay attention to the details so that you get one that is the best and will suit your needs. We cannot run away with a flashlight because it’s big size. No doubt that flashlight is a must need gadgets for us. You don’t know when you face danger or emergency. Flashlight could be used as every day carry (EDC) device or can use for hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling, camping, etc. Early days, flashlight size was so big and you cannot keep it in your pocket. But, now you do this. And a small tactical flashlight should be the best idea when you choose to buy. Of course the best compact flashlight should have a better life span and enough emitting power to use.

Our Recommend Top two compact small tactical flashlight:

The small tactical flashlight are ones that are built for durability. They have been fitted to your pocket or bag. But best compact flashlight should have the great features and building materials that make them to be used even in areas that you were not expecting them to be used. Who knows that we may reach a time that flashlights can fall down from your hand and could be damaged. If the flashlight body made with plastic, then it is normal. But Steel and aluminum alloy when combined together in the perfect ratios give you the best tactical flashlight durability that you always expected to have.

What features should have on Small tactical flashlight or Best compact flashlight?

What are some of the things that one should consider before choosing or buying the best compact flashlight? This is a question that I know all of you have by now. The answer is not that simple because there are some few things that you should look for when you are buying this kind small tactical flashlight. Some of them are as follows.

Flashlight Switch style:

  • When I am talking about switch style, I don’t mean that when you have one switch over the other is going to make you have a better choice! That is not correct because the switch type that each individual prefers is quite different from the other.
  • But we cannot assume the fact that there are other switch types that are preferred over the others. One of the best switch types is the tail cap switches. These are much better when you compare them with a side or twisting head switches.Surefire Dual-Output LED Keychain Light Small tactical flashlight review Best compact flashlight 2016

Sturdy pocket clip flashlight:

  • Carrying a flashlight is like carrying some money or mobile phones in the pocket. The relationship between these and the flashlight is that they need somewhere that they can be kept well. If you feel comfortable, then good to go.
  • But having a flashlight that has a clip on it will give you a better advantage of not losing it when you have it in the pocket because you will have clipped it to your belt or any other place that you deem fit so that it holds it in place when not in use.

Compact size flashlight:

  • The size and weight of a flashlight can be said to be something of personal preference. Some might be of the idea that the larger the torch the better due to its ability to feature an extended battery run time due to its battery capacity, but on the other hand, it does not mean that such a flashlight is going to be brighter. Compact small tactical flashlight always better to choose. Nowadays their brightness is so high if you compare with any other big size flashlight.

The materials that are used to make it:

  • This is another area that you should be vigilant on. In today’s error, most of the flashlights that are in the industry are either made of aluminum alloy or plastic.
  • Some have stainless steel placed on the heads so that they give you extra impact resistance. But one thing that you should also note is that not all aluminum bodies are alike, those that have thinner styles are considered to be lighter while the thicker ones are tougher.Nitecore P12 Compact Tactical LED Flashlight Small tactical flashlight review

Flashlight Multiple Modes:

  • The types of mode settings that exist in a flashlight are also very important, but for general purpose use, a single mode is also considered sufficient.
  • In some other flashlight you will find that the modes are more than one and that is the low, medium, high, and boost settings.
  • The modes are good for you, but you will find that there are some that you will rarely use and remember that the brighter the mode, the shorter the battery run time. Choose wisely on the preference that you will want to use, according to your needs of the time.

Surefire Titan Review : Best Ultra Compact Dual Output LED Keychain Flashlight

The size that has been given to this surefire flashlight is great and that is why many people prefer it. It is a flashlight that has the ability to emit maximum 300 lumens flawless lights. There are also two useful settings and that is medium and low. Medium mode output 75 lumens and low output 15 lumens. This is a flashlight that understands brightness and that is why it has the best and efficient battery stability. It has a good finish and also holds up to the pocket with the clip that it has been given so that it works out well when you need it. If you are searching keychain flashlight, then surefire ultra compact would be a great choice for you because it has a quick detach tail cap which include keychain ring. Surefire titan plus use only one battery which are rechargeable. Stylish, led light, keychian, groundbreaking titan, etc. make this flashlight one of the best small tactical flashlight.SureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Best compact flashlight Small tactical flashlight review

Nitecore P12 review : 1000 lumens rechargeable flashlight

Nitecore P12 Compact tactical led flashlight not only provide 1000 lumens beam, but also it has been designed with four brightness modes, placed in the right positions so that you have ease of accessibility. If you want to use the different level brightness modes, just press the side power button and hold it up or down. The most powerful features that you love to use is memorizing function. This feature can memorize the previous setting. It is no complicated because after using it twice or three times, you will be having the directions for use in your fingertips. Nitecore have same kind other two model flashlight p16 and p25. But nitecore P12 flashlight is latest addition which is more compact and user friendly. One 18650 rechargeable battery, charger, keychain, powerful features make this nitecore P12 flashlight ultra compact. If you need a small tactical flashlight that will give you the best services in the market, then go for this one.1000 Lumens Nitecore rechargeable bundle Best compact flashlight review Small tactical flashlight


What you can get from this small article is that best and quality compact small tactical flashlights exist in the market, but you should take time to choose out the one that is best for you. Some of you might be new into the flashlight world, but the terms that we have used should not be a bother too much to you because I have tried to give an illustration of what you will get underneath each term. I have given you two of the best compact flashlights that you can get and that is because I preferred that you have a better choice of any that you need from the ones that I gave you. A flashlight is something that is small and many people take it lightly when they want to buy one. That is why they end up failing to buy something that is durable and not helpful to use.

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