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Sofirn C8L Tactical Flashlight Review

While Sofirn has produced flashlights similar to the C8L, none can compare to how efficient this one is. The Sofirn C8L flashlight is a single-cell flashlight with a head and tail end measuring about 46mm, a length of about 156mm, and an entire body measuring about 247mm.

This light is the perfect size to fit into your jacket pocket and works outdoors and indoors well. The Sofirn flashlight uses the XHP50.3 HI LED lighting to ensure it throws good lumens while producing a lot of bright light. Our Sofirn flashlight review covers everything from battery and power to the flashlight’s build quality.

sofirn flashlight in hand

What Is Included

  • Sofirn C8L Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Sofirn 3000mAh 18650 (standard button at top)
  • Manual
  • Charger cable 
  • One 21700 rechargeable battery
  • Helpful customer service
  • Lanyard
  • Two spare o rings
  • Cell spacer
sofirn c8l whats in the box

Package Quality

The package quality of the Sofirn C8L flashlight is pretty basic. It comes in a cardboard box containing bubble wrap and foam. It sits safely between the bubble wrap and foam without any damage. 

Battery and Power

The Sofirn C8L operates using a single lithium-ion rechargeable battery. There is a LED indicator on the side of the LED flashlight, which shows the power status for five seconds after you turn it on. Green means that your battery power is good, and flashing green means that your remaining battery is between 40 and 70 percent. 

When red, your remaining battery is only 10 to 40 percent charged. Flashing red means you should plug it into the charger immediately. The Sofirn C8L battery comes 70 percent charged when you receive it. To fully charge the C8L rechargeable LED flashlight, it must be plugged in for three hours when entirely dead.

sofirn beam pattern shot

Color and LEDs

The C8L LED flashlight gives brilliant white color, almost similar to natural sunlight. The LED lighting does not appear to have a blue tint to the light, when comparing tint vs BLF. It is a clean beam and switches from a dim color to a super bright one when you hold down the side switch.

Build Quality

Sofirn’s C8L flashlight is made with 6061-grade aluminum to keep it protected and is similar in size and form with anduril. The threads are square-cut and feel smooth. The head has only one medium-thickness spring, and the tail end has two. You might be able to get more high lumens with a spring bypass. 

Sofirn is known to be budget friendly, but the C8L rechargeable flashlight is top quality. While you can easily purchase a cheap flashlight from aliexpress, Sofirn offers affordable flashlights with much higher quality. Sofirn provides a two-year warranty on their flashlights automatically, but cells are only covered under warranty for one year.

sofirn c8l specifications

Ease of Use

The Sofirn C8L flashlight is easy to use for anybody and is convenient to slip in pockets, purses, or other bags. The buttons are simple and straightforward on this EDC light, and USB-c charging is also easy. When you first pick up the C8L, you will notice that it has a good grip. 

There are fins around the head of the EDC flashlight for heat dissipation, which have indents to keep the light from rolling. There are two switches, the side e switch to change modes and the tail switch, which protrudes outward. 

One tail switch click turns the convoy flashlight from off to on, and a double click on the tail switch activates the turbo. If you half press the tail switch, it will also turn  on.A single click to the tail switch turns off the light and one click on the side changes the brightness to eco, low, medium, and high. 

If you double click the side, it switches to turbo and a triple click switches to strobe. To switch between modes 1 and 2, press and hold the side switch for three seconds.

There is not a lockout mode on the bright flashlight, besides screwing the tailcap off the end. The switches are easy to access and there is a spot to attach a lanyard at the back of the flashlight. You will notice a port for charging at the tail end of the light.


Sofirn has done an amazing job with their C8L flashlight. After years of feedback from their customers and design improvements regarding Sofirn lights, they have created a high quality flashlight that everyone likes – the C8L. 

The beam profile and LED is excellent, as well as the indicator light. The dual switch user interface works well, and the battery output is long lasting and efficient. 

It is also water resistant, making it ideal for all types of situations, like camping, hiking, or even can be used as a scuba diving flashlight. The light has 82 degrees flood and 26 degrees spot, which help to make it a good flashlight for outdoor use. The Sofirn flashlight appears to be just as bright as a headlamp, making it ideal for night time use.

sofirn c8L length and width diagram

Final Verdict


  • It comes with a battery
  • USB-c charging is built in
  • Endures more than 2,000 lumens every 4 minutes
  • Endures 1,000 lumens for 1.5 hours 
  • Good LED coloring
  • Little heat is emitted
  • Good balance between throw and flood



  • It does not hit lumen specs
  • Difficult to vertically position the flashlight
  • Cannot recharge during use

Closing Thoughts 

The Sofirn C8L flashlight does not initially seem like much to get excited about, but once you use it, you will see how great it is. It is clear how Sofirn has improved over the years compared to other older models like the C8T or C8A. 

The beam profile and LED are tremendous, and the high quality flashlight is affordable. Whether you need a bright flashlight for outdoor or indoor use, the Sofirn C8L flashlight will get the job done. 

If you like what you see, get one here!

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