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Solaray Flashlight ReviewThis is one of the flashlights that happen to be the best and brightest LED Tactical flashlights with great features. The Solaray flashlight is known to be very helpful in most cases when in need. The Solaray Pro ZX-1XL is mostly available in black color in terms of appearance. Very light weight flashlight and it has light-emitting-diode (led) bulb. There are different flashlights apart from the Solaray Pro ZX-1XL that just serve the same purposes in the same positive ways, helping and assisting in various activities based on the hour and the period of the day. In this Solaray flashlight review article, we will start to discuss detail, but first we will get to know exactly what the Solaray Pro ZX-1XL flashlight is; because they own very strong and impressive features that make them glow highly during their usage.

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Solaray Flashlight Review – Features of Solaray Pro ZX-1XL

Solaray flashlight has very great and admiring features that will always capture the attention of most buyers who are interested in acquiring it. To be Sincere, I think the Solary Pro ZX-1XL has the preferable features that one would always need a flashlight. Looks don’t deceive, do they? This flashlight has an ergonomic shape with great features that makes it looks outstanding from the rest. Below are its different features discussed as follows:

Solaray pro zx-1xl review

a) Ultra-bright 1600 lumens high power flashlight: This high lumen great feature enables it to easily overcome the darkness in a whole room for a very long period of time, or alternatively, it can be in a position of capturing objects that are at a far distance.
b) Zoomable flashlight with zoom lens and focus: Solaray flashlight zooming functionality enables it to be at a greater focusing angle than the other flashlights at wider ranges; its zooming mode works so smoothly and it’s so easy to use. Moreover, it has 5 modes (Low, medium, High, strobe, SOS) and Solaray flashlight is water resistant.
c) Dependable and Most reliable flashlight: This flashlight always relies on a source of power to support them in lighting process where the battery has to be full with the power to enable its lighting process. When the battery is full, it can light for long hours. A reliable flashlight is one that does not have electrical issues, works great with batteries and solaray flashlight do that.
D) 18650 flashlight battery and charger: It has a high-quality charger which is input with its handle. The batteries are specially designed where they are rechargeable and are very quick in taking in power and also storing hence lasts for a very long period of time before it’s charged again.
best compact flashlights review

On the other hand, it has an extra solaray 18650 battery, cordless direct plug in the battery charger and a bonus led solar powered pro mini led flashlight. The best will always show out from good accessories. It’s all about good features and good results.

Specifications of Solary Pro ZX-1 flashlight

With regards to the specifications of the Solary Pro ZX-1XL flashlight, one only needs to know what specific flashlight is best for his or her operations. Based on the features and specification of different flashlights, a lot has to be considered during the purchase of any flashlight. At the moment people are raving about its efficiency, durability, and affordability, more so; with all these specifications, this results in people being more conversant with the handling and usage of the flashlights during most of their operations. Convincingly, the solaray flashlight happens to be a little bit advanced than the rest. Their difference comes in several ways based on the features that they have. To begin with, the Solary Pro ZX-1XL features enables to be very efficient as follows:
It’s a water-resistant flashlight – This makes it have the ability of not sipping in water into the operating system of the gadget, therefore it is easy for the Solaray flashlight to operate in the large water bodies like the seas and the oceans. It is the best flashlight for fishing, hiking, and camping.
Why go for this today instead of opting for any other type of flashlight? This is because;
It also has the XM-L T6 cree LED chip that has the capability of giving out light at a wider range openly.
Solaray Flashlight Review Solaray pro zx-1xl

When it comes to performance, this is the best because it perfectly delivers what is designed to do so as to bring the brightest light even when in its dimmest setting. On its best physical specifications, this definitely beats the rest by possessing dimensions of 8 x 1 x 1.4 inches, a weight of 7 ounces, having a battery capacity of 18650 3.7v lithium-ion battery. The 3 AAA batteries where this one isn’t included in the package but you will get AAA Battery holder. With attractive gift package, it includes free 1 AAA battery powered mini flashlight too.

Solaray Flashlight Pros

The solaray flashlight is one of the best and preferred gadget today. This is because it will never leave you in the dark. The present features of the flashlight are there to build a convenient, secure, comfort and long lasting service that anyone can rely on. On the other hand, one of the unique things about the solaray is that it can provide very bright light rays even when it is set in its dimmest mode, and it is also portable as compared to the rest. The solaray is also easily affordable and anyone willing can always acquire it. Don’t forget, it might be tiny in size (small size means more flexibility to carry) but it’s fully packed with useful features and accessories that will help anyone in case of power outage, camping, fishing or just other operations that may need the presence of the light making it strong because of the hardened black anodized finish and its mode of aircraft grade aluminum.
Solaray pro zx-1xl review best Solaray Flashlight Review

The solaray flashlight has no any difficulties except that it is not advisable to look directly at its bright rays since, in one way or other, it may end up causing or resulting in either partial blindness or can create eye problem.
Just to conclude on the basis of what exactly should or can be used as the best flashlight, then it depends on the interest of the user. Generally, the solaray pro zx-1xl is considered as one of the best selling flashlight and one of the most cost effective flashlights considering the low price it owns. It is of a great quality and the brightness is wonderful. Based on the top features that it has, the Solary Pro zx-1xl flashlight gives out light in a perfect dimension when in a dark environment; hence, bringing out clear visibility as it is supposed to. The light is so easy to use since it’s portable and also very comfortable. From the information above and the knowledge of flashlights known earlier, it is now evident that it is not easy to find same kind features flashlight which can surpass the solaray flashlight.
Solaray Flashlight Review best compact flashlight

Therefore; the choice still falls on the hands and the interest of the buyer. Whether they decide to go for price, quality or specifications – the selection is theirs. But ending this Solaray flashlight review article, we can say, it comes with many great features at a lower price and can be ideal for any buyer of a flashlight.

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