SureFire P1R Peacekeeper Rechargeable flashlight review


SureFire P1R Peacekeeper Rechargeable flashlight reviewSureFire is a brand that I trust when it comes to tactical flashlights. I have used many SureFire flashlights over the years and they have never disappointed me. So, when I got my hands on the latest Surefire P1R Peacekeeper, I was really excited to test it out. This is a great flashlight that is equal parts powerful and equal parts fabulous. I love this flashlight as it is compact and a nice Every Day Carry (EDC). I am always looking for flashlights that you can carry with you without having to compromise on the power.

The P1R Peacekeeper is a very apt name for this flashlight. It can be used with a handgun while on patrol and is great for people in the law enforcement department. It is a great flashlight that you can buy as an EDC flashlight.

SureFire P1R review – P1R Peacekeeper video review

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Really you need SureFire P1R Peacekeeper flashlight?

The flashlight is ideal for someone in the law enforcement field. That being said, it has a wide appeal as well. It is great for people who want a compact flashlight to carry with them when they take a stroll around the streets. Although it is not a huge flashlight, it can produce some serious light intensity. As a result, it can find a wide variety of applications including tactical missions and hikes in the wilderness.

P1R Flashlight features that will attract you:

The most interesting thing about this flashlight is the very many features that make it a high-end equipment at an affordable price. Let’s take a peek into some of the great features that it has to offer:

1. Power of flashlight

First and foremost, a tactical led flashlight has to have a great power. And the Peacekeeper does not skimp on it even a bit. This great flashlight can produce a very bright beam of light clocking in at 600 lumens. It is really surprising to see such a powerful beam coming from such a tiny form factor. When it comes to many small sized flashlights, the lumen count that is advertised on the package is always a bit more than the actual intensity. However, with this flashlight, multiple reviews have confirmed that the light is indeed 600 lumens. That speaks volumes about the quality of the SureFire products. Surefire made in USA flashlights.

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2. Flexible Flashlight

The practicability of a tactical flashlight comes with how flexible the flashlight is. The SureFire Peacemaker is one versatile flashlight that does it all. It has multiple operation modes that can be used to suit virtually any illumination needs that you may have. The flashlight has an eco-mode producing a light at 15-lumen intensity to prolong the battery life. With the push of a button, the flashlight can be transformed from a 600-lumen producing beast to a 15-lumen producing book light. This is quite neat especially for people in law enforcement who might need the lower intensity light for reading documents other close up tasks.

3. Great material design and built quality

This is a pretty compact flashlight that weighs in at just about a pound. The flashlight has a knurled surface that gives an additional grip while you hold it in one hand. I also like the fact that the tactical switch of this flashlight is situated on the tail cap, which makes one-handed operation very easy. This positioning of the switch is great if you are carrying the flashlight in your weaker hand while wielding a weapon with your dominant hand. Changing between the modes is also pretty simple and with a slight push of the tail cap button, you can shift from either a high or a low output mode.

4. Best 18650 battery for P1R flashlight

It’s not a secret that I love 18650 batteries. These batteries are more capable than the other rechargeable batteries and pack in much more electricity. The Peacemaker uses one 18650 battery to power the entire operation. However, it can also take two 123A disposable batteries as well. This gives you a great flexibility for using the rechargeable or disposable batteries.

BUNDLE SureFire P1R Peacekeeper Rechargeable led flashlight review
It also comes equipped with a wall mount charger and a vehicle charger as well. So whether you are in your vehicle or at home, your Peacemaker is never going to run out of juice. Sweet!

Flashlight additional features

Some additional features that make this flashlight one of my favorite flashlight for law enforcement people:

LED technology: The flashlight runs on the reliable LED technology and the emitters are guaranteed to last for up to 50,000 hours.
Flexibility on power intake: One of the things that I love about this flashlight is that it can be operated using an 18650 battery or two 123A batteries. This makes it really versatile in terms of the power input.
Dual modes: The dual modes are great for long distance as well as short-distance illumination.
Impact and waterproof: The flashlight is made from hand anodized space grade aluminum alloy and is completely water and impact resistance. It also features the anti-roll away cap so that it won’t just roll away when you keep it on a flat surface.
Batteries and charger included: Another great thing about this flashlight is that it comes with one rechargeable high capacity 18650 battery and two disposable 123A batteries. It also comes with a charger for home as well as car use.

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Summary: Why P1R Peacekeeper?

  • Great power.
  • Light and stylish construction.
  • Water and impact resistant.
  • Included high capacity battery.
  • AC and DC charging options.
  • Good quality tactical switch.

The Peacekeeper is a great compact flashlight that has received much love from its customers over the years. However, one complaint that seems to come up often is
It is an expensive flashlight.
Well, I won’t say that it is not. It sure is on the expensive side. However, you have to remember that when you are expecting impeccable quality, you have to pay a premium.


The Surefire P1R Peacemaker is a great flashlight that is tailor-made for people in the law enforcement field. Although it has equally great applications in the non-tactical fields as well. Although this is a bit on the expensive side, I assure you that this is worth every cent the you put in it. It is an investment that will keep paying you rich dividends for years to come. So, get one now and experience the highest quality flashlight that you have ever bought!

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