SureFire X300 review – Rail Mount best Weapon flashlight


SureFire X300 review Rail Mount best Weapon flashlight X300U-ASureFire makes a lot of tactical gear, but I am a fan of their tactical flashlights. They manufacture one of the most versatile flashlights that are nothing short of pieces of art. So, when I was looking for a flashlight that I could mount on my pistol, it’s no surprise that I went straight to SureFire. The light that I found the best in its class after trying out many was the SureFire X300 Ultra. This is a great flashlight which has become my favorite pistol rail mounted flashlight and I carry it almost every time. So, i feel much comfortable that I have my pistol on me. It is bright and light, making it one of the best pistol mounted flashlights that I have used.

SureFire X300 review – Rail Mount best Weapon flashlight video review

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SureFire X300 review : It is Rail Mounted Flashlight or Weapon flashlight?

As always, the very first thing that I would like to tackle in this Surefire X300 review is, who is this flashlight for. Well, in a nutshell, you can use x300 flashlight as a weapon flashlight or rail mounted flashlight or integrate both. If you own a pistol, and need to use a flashlight that is mounted on it, this is the one for you. It is hands down one of the brightest flashlights that I have used on my pistol, which makes it ideal for law enforcement officials as well as common folk who are looking for a solid flashlight for their handgun. Surefire x300 is also know for “best duty flashlight law enforcement”.

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Surefire tactical lights Advance features:

When I am looking for a tactical flashlight to be mounted on my pistol, there are certain features that are a must to have. The SureFire x300 is one of those flashlights that not only has the features that are a must-have, but it is packed with many other features as well. This makes it one of the best flashlights on the market for mounting on a pistol. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features that make it such a great buy.

SureFire X300 review Ultra Light Rail Mount best Weapon flashlightMost powerful gun light:

When it comes to a pistol mounted flashlight, power is one of the first things that I look at. I was pleasantly surprised with the power that this small flashlight can pack in such a compact package. The flashlight can produce a beam with a maximum brightness of about 600 Lumens. Let me put this brightness into perspective for you. I have not seen many bigger hand-held flashlights that struggle to produce even half of the illumination this little guy can achieve. So, trust me when I say that this flashlight is bright. I know what brightness is and this is certainly one of the brightest pistol mounted flashlight out there.

Great Flashlight optics:

One of the most important components of a flashlight that consumers neglect are the optics. The optics are responsible for making the flashlight usable. Even if the flashlight has some state-of-the-art powerful LEDs, if it has sub-par optics, it can’t be useful. With a Total Internal Reflectance lens, this flashlight eliminates stray light so that most of the light that are produced y the LED emitter, is converted into a usable beam. Another great feature that I like about this flashlight is the fact that the beam it produces is focused that makes it great for short as well as long-range applications.

Great build quality waterproof flashlight

I never had any complaints about the build quality of SureFire flashlights. The X300 is no different. It is made from the same high-grade aluminum that is hand anodized for that awesome finish that we have become used to from SureFire. The flashlight also features an O-ring connector making it completely weatherproof. I had no problems using it in any sort of weather conditions. Trust me, your pistol will fail before this light does!

Easy and reliable rail mount flashlight for shotgun or pistol:

I have used many weapons mounted flashlights and one of the most annoying problems that I have had with many of them is the mounting system. It is either too difficult to attach or it looses fitting once a shot is fired due to the recoil. But with the X300, Surefire has able to strike a balance between ease of attachment and stability. The T-slot mounting system provides a solid attachment to railed handguns as well as long guns with MIL-STD 1913 rails. I am seriously impressed with this mechanism!

Additional Flashlight features that we liked

  • The flashlight features an LED-based lighting. The LED is virtually indestructible.
  • The rail clamp is very easy and quick to detach. This makes attaching and detaching easy and possible with just one hand.

Pros of Surefire x300 flashlight

  • Great power
  • Awesome optics
  • Weatherproof
  • Uses two CR123A batteries
  • Very lightweight; weighing only 4 ounce
  • Great run time of about 1.5 hours

Cons of this flashlight

Although I love this flashlight and it is my ‘go-to’ flashlight for my handgun, there is something that bothers me.

  • This flashlight uses two CR123A batteries and they are arranged side by side as opposed to back to back. This makes the flashlight a bit on the thicker side. At times, I have had difficulties to put my gun in a holster when it is attached to this flashlight. So, it that is something that is very important for you, make sure you pay attention to the thickness of this product.

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Final Thoughts

Well, the SureFire X300 is certainly one of the best weapons mounted flashlights out there. Albeit on the more expensive side, but it sure delivers on every cent of its rather hefty price tag. I consider buying a flashlight as an investment and this, my friends, is one of the best investments that you will make on a flashlight. S, stop procrastinating and take action. Order the new SureFire X300 today and experience the difference. There is no doubt that this will be the last flashlight you will buy for your weapon!

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