Tactical Flashlight with Holster – A Few Suggestions


One thing to consider when you’re purchasing a tactical flashlight is the included accessories. Many tactical flashlights come with accessories, some are useful and some are not so much. These can make or break a deal with a tactical flashlight when you realize it doesn’t come with the accessories you need. One important accessory that a lot of users like is a holster. While many tactical flashlights do come with holsters, quite a few don’t. So today we’re going to look at a few of the best tactical flashlights that come with a holster.

Klarus XT21X 4000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

best tactical flashlight with holster klarus xt21x

So I want to start with a tactical flashlight that has my favorite holster and that’s the Klarus XT21X. I’m going to talk a little bit about the flashlight first and then I’ll get into the holster. This is a 4000 lumen beast of a tactical flashlight. It’s extremely versatile with a triple switch design, multiple outputs, and two programmable settings. Seriously, this flashlight has it all. If you’re wanting the most innovative and brightest tactical flashlight in this size, the Klarus XT21X is the way to go.

Not only is the flashlight itself amazing, but Klarus includes some pretty nice accessories. One of my favorite accessories is the holster that comes with the flashlight. It’s a sturdy but flexible nylon holster which is fairly standard. But the thing I love about this holster is that it has a small plastic cap at the bottom of it where the tail switch will nestle in. This little cap prevents the flashlight from accidentally turning on which is essential when having an extremely bright flashlight. I wish more flashlight holsters came with a little cap like this because it’s so simple, doesn’t add any bulk to the holster, and is extremely helpful. Check out the Klarus XT21X.

Olight M2R Warrior Compact Flashlight

olight tactical flashlight with holster

There has been some amazing buzz about the Olight M2R Warrior and it’s there for a reason. This is an awesome tactical flashlight that has a really interesting user interface and some great features. It has a maximum output of 1500 lumens and is compact, easily able to be carried in your pocket. You have a lot of great brightness levels with this flashlight, and it does feature a tail switch and a side switch.  It’s a little older, but still extremely awesome.

The holster is extremely secure. It has a snap attachment for the belt loop which is little different from what we normally see which is velcro. I really like that snap attachment better than velcro. It has a buckle in the front of it to make sure that your flashlight is completely secure inside that holster. The holster is not going to be opening accidentally and your flashlight is not going to be falling out of it. So check out the Olight M2R Warrior.

Klarus XT11X LED Tactical Flashlight

klarus xt11x best tactical flashlight

The Klarus XT11X is another excellent compact tactical flashlight. It’s similar to the XT21X, but is significantly more compact and offers 3200 lumens which is still insanely bright. It also features a triple switch design, multiple outputs, two programmable settings, and it’s a USB rechargeable flashlight. The XT11X offers everything that you could possibly want in the tactical flashlight and is still one of my favorites today. It comes with multiple accessories including the holster, and the holster it comes with is similar to the holster that comes with the XT21X. It’s durable and flexible made with a nylon material but it won’t have that little cap. Nevertheless, it’s a great holster. Check out the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight.

Nitecore P12GTS 1800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

nitecore p12gts tactical flashlight

Nitecore lights are always excellent quality, built to last, and many user favorites. The P12GTS is an 1800 lumen tactical flashlight that’s great for tactical applications whether law enforcement, security, or even general use. It features a tail switch that gives you momentary on and turns the flashlight on and off along with a side switch that allows you to choose between the many brightness levels. You have a battery power indicator which is always handy and a mode memory function to turn onto the last brightness level. You’ll also have immediate access to the turbo as well as the lowest brightness level which is always great.

The holster that comes with the P12GTS is a fairly standard Nitecore holster. It has a velcro flap to secure the flashlight in, a d-ring, as well as a velcro strap in the back for your belt. Check out the Nitecore P12GTS tactical flashlight.

Fenix PD35 TAC LED Flashlight

best fenix flashlight pd35 tac

The Fenix PD35 TAC is an extremely awesome tactical flashlight. It delivers 1000 lumens, features multiple brightness levels, and features two programmable settings. I really do like the two operation modes that are included with this flashlight. You have Tactical Mode where the flashlight will operate in turbo, low, and strobe, and the Outdoor Mode where the flashlight will operate in five brightness levels and a strobe mode. It has a tail switch and a side switch and the features of each change a little bit depending on which setting you have the flashlight in. Fenix is always impressed with their tactical flashlights and the PD35 TAC is no different. You’ll definitely be getting a great tactical flashlight with the PD35 TAC.

It does come with a nice holster as well. Flexible, but durable and extremely lightweight. The flashlight fits snugly in the holster which is nice and it’s easy to carry. The PD35 TAC is truly a great flashlight. Make sure to check out the Fenix PD35 TAC flashlight.

Acebeam L16 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

acebeam tactical flashlight l16

The Acebeam L16 is a phenomenal tactical flashlight with a user interface that I really love. It delivers 2000 lumens of amazing power and features six total outputs that includes a strobe mode. What’s nice about this flashlight is the excellent spacing in between all the brightness levels which you don’t always see in tactical flashlights. It features two independent switches, the tail switch and side switch. So you’re going to be able to operate the flashlight using either switch. The tail switch is going to give you a momentary on and will turn on straight to Turbo. The side switch is going to turn the flashlight on and off, and cycle through all those brightness levels. This is also a USB rechargeable flashlight making extremely handy and all in all, it’s just a fantastic tactical light.

The Acebeam L16 comes with extremely rugged holster that is very durable. It’s not quite as flexible as the Fenix holster or the Nitecore holster, but it does fit your flashlight quite snuggly so that it’s protected. It also has a clip for the belt rather than velcro. As I said before, I really do prefer the clip so that’s a big plus. Definitely one of the best tactical flashlights out there, the Acebeam L16 is a torch you need to check out.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! A list of tactical flashlights with holsters that whether you’re wanting a tactical flashlight with a more durable holster or a flexible holster, you’ll find it in this list. So check out this list and let me know which flashlight and holster are your favorite!