The Best Tactical Flashlight – Extreme Power!


The Best Tactical Flashlight – Extreme Power!

Imagine having 3200 lumens in a compact flashlight in your hand. You can illuminate an area so well and clearly with 3200 lumens that you truly need to see it to believe it. The Klarus XT11X is just such a flashlight that is so incredibly powerful that you really need to see it to believe it. This is the tactical flashlight I will be reviewing today and I will say upfront that I think it is one of the best tactical flashlights you’ll find. However, since this is a review, I will talk about the different features of the flashlight, some pros and cons, and my final thoughts on the Klarus XT11X. Let’s go ahead and get started.

3200 Lumen Best Tactical Flashlight
Klarus XT11X Ultra Bright Flashlight

Features of the Best Tactical Flashlight

The Klarus XT11X is packed to the brim with features. Not only is it a compact tactical flashlight that is insanely powerful it also features multiple outputs, two programmable settings, a triple switch design, a USB recharging function, and more. This flashlight has it all.

Powerful Tactical Flashlight the Klarus XT11X

I can’t say this enough: the Klarus XT11X delivers 3200 lumens. It’s compact enough that it’s easily portable using the pocket clip or the holster and powerful enough that you will never need to worry about the dark again. The XT11X has a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED which is one powerful LED. Along with the 3200 lumen maximum output it also has a beam throw of 283 meters. Now I was surprised to see that this extraordinary powerful flashlight didn’t have a longer beam throw. I’ve seen flashlights that have half the lumens and over twice the throw. That mystery is solved when you look at the XT11X reflector. While the reflector is deeper it also has an orange peel texture so the beam is actually going to be more diffused giving you a great broader beam that illuminates everything in front of you. However, thanks to the reflector being deep, you still get a decent amount of throw to it. The hot spot is definitely wider on this flashlight and it has a really good spill to it. It’s definitely impressive to see an entire backyard or woods being as lit up as it is by the full 3200 lumens.

Klarus XT11X Ultra Bright Flashlight
Best Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Extreme Durability in the Best Tactical Flashlight

With any Klarus flashlight, you can expect the best in terms of quality in the build and safety. The Klarus XT11X is made from an aerospace aluminum alloy and has a hard anodizing finish making it incredibly sleek and wear resistant. You have the lens which is made from a tempered glass that has an AR coating which is an anti-reflective coating so the beam will be crystal clear. The XT11X is impact-resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX8 standards so it’s going to last you a long time.

With any high-intensity flashlight, you’re going to want a few safety features included with it and the XT11X delivers on that. This tactical light has overcharging protection, high current protection, over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and thermal protection. Due to all of these safety systems, the XT11X is a very low maintenance flashlight and will take care of itself. With that thermal protection, it will monitor the flashlight’s temperature and adjust the output accordingly so that your flashlight doesn’t overheat.

Compact LED Flashlight

I’ve already mentioned that the XT11X is a compact flashlight, but I haven’t been specific enough. This tactical flashlight is less than 6 inches in length and has a head diameter of a little over 1.5 inches. So it’s definitely a little on the larger side and probably not the best for everyday carry, but it is still lightweight and compact enough that you can easily carry it with you by keeping it in the holster, clipping it onto your pocket, or just putting it in a bag.

I also want to take a moment to mention some of the goodies that this flashlight comes with. You will get a removable pocket clip that is already attached to the flashlight. This clip is very sturdy and takes quite a bit of strength to remove it. You also have a nylon holster to carry your flashlight on your belt if you’d like. It comes with a Klarus IMR 18650 battery with a 3100 mAh capacity. Finally, you have a micro USB cable, a lanyard, and an o-ring. There are a lot of goodies with this flashlight and if you get the Amazon bundle you get the addition of a USB wall adapter, a USB car adapter, and this little mini USB light that you can plug into a wall adapter and use as a nightlight.

Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings on the Klarus XT11X

Before I get into the outputs and settings I want to talk about the user interface. The XT11X has a triple switch design which includes a side switch and dual tail switches that operate independently. So you can choose whether you prefer using the dual tail switches or if you prefer using the side switch at any time. The switches do have their own unique functions that you should definitely know about. The dual tail switches have a momentary on, a one-touch turbo, and a one-touch low or a one-touch strobe. The side switch features a one-touch low and a mode memory function that will remember the last brightness level you used. So the different switches and their features allow you to more easily use the flashlight exactly how you’d like to.

Best Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X 3200 Lumen
Unique User Interface on the Klarus XT11X

As for the outputs, the XT11X features 6 total outputs which include four brightness levels ranging from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. Between all of these outputs, you’re prepared for anything. To make this ultra bright flashlight more customizable, Klarus included two programmable settings that you can choose from: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting, you have access to a one-touch turbo and a one-touch strobe with those dual tail switches whereas the side switch stays the same. Another aspect of the Tactical Setting is that the dual tail switches will only be able to cycle through three of the brightness levels: turbo, high, and low. The side switch will be able to cycle through all four brightness levels. In the Outdoor Setting, you have access to a one-touch turbo and a one-touch low. Unlike the Tactical Setting, in the Outdoor Setting, you are able to cycle through all four brightness levels using the tail switches as well as the side switch. Both settings are excellent. I have switched back and forth between the two settings depending on my situation, but I do find myself using that Outdoor Setting a little bit more. However, even in the Tactical Setting you still have an access to a one-touch low using the side switch which is definitely a nice feature.

USB Rechargeable Flashlight

I’m a big fan of USB rechargeable flashlights and just rechargeable flashlights in general. The XT11X is a USB rechargeable flashlight with that USB port located on the side. It features an Intelligent Charging System. This system monitors the charging status, prevents overcharging, and limits the maximum charging current to 1A which will prevent damage to the flashlight and battery as well as allow for safer charging. You can also monitor the charging status yourself using the charging/battery capacity indicator that’s on the side switch. When the flashlight is plugged in and the indicator is glowing red that means it’s charging, green means it’s fully charged, and a flashing yellow indicates that it’s not getting any charge and you need to inspect your flashlight to find out what the problem is. I really like the idea of the flashing yellow indicator. If your battery is too dead and can’t charge via a USB cable the indicator will flash yellow. I’ve had lights where the indicators stayed red and never changed to green which took me hours to realize that there was something wrong. If something is going on with the XT11X and it’s charging function, this LED light tells you immediately which is awesome.

Best Rechargeable Flashlight Klarus XT11X
USB Rechargeable Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Different Compatible Batteries

As I mentioned before, the XT11X does come with its own 18650 battery. However, you can equip it with another 18650 battery, two 16340 batteries, or two CR123A batteries. Between all these batteries you’ve got a lot of different options and if you prefer using CR123A batteries as backup like I do then an LED flashlight like the XT11X is perfect. This tactical flashlight also features an Intelligent Battery Identification System. This system will adjust the maximum output of the flashlight to match the discharge capability of whatever battery is equipped. This way you won’t be damaging the flashlight and you won’t be damaging the battery. You can also check out the battery capacity indicator at any time to let you know how much charge you have left in your flashlight. If the battery has over 70% of its charge you’ll see green, 30 to 70% of its charge you’ll see orange, 10 to 30% of its charge you’ll see red, and anything less than 10% of a charge you’ll see a flashing red and this means replace the batteries or charge your flashlight. The Klarus XT11X is truly convenient when it comes to the battery source and the charging capabilities.


Conclusion on the Klarus XT11X

So now you know the features of the Klarus XT11X. Now I’ll talk about what I liked, what I didn’t like, and my final thoughts on this high intensity flashlight.


There is a lot to love about the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight. First and foremost, you got to love the power behind that flashlight. 3200 lumens is an insane amount of light and the fact that the flashlight is so compact makes it even more impressive. The XT11X is made for anyone. You can pick how you want to operate the flashlight, you can pick the programmable settings that you’d like the flashlight to be in, and you can pick the different batteries that you’d like to use. This light is meant to be customized for you and you can turn this light into something perfect for your needs. The versatility of the XT11X is truly unsurpassable and has a fantastic overall design.


I can see many users not being very happy about the wider hotspot and the more diffused beam. It does lose some throw to it because of this feature, however, it really does illuminate everything in front of you. So this is completely a user preference. I really liked the diffused beam and didn’t mind less of a throw, but I know some people won’t be fans of it.

One con that struck me about the Klarus XT11X is the jump between the high mode and the turbo mode. The high mode is 400 lumens and the turbo mode is 3200 lumens. This is a large jump and Klarus is certainly not the first flashlight company to do this. I’ve seen multiple high intensity flashlights that have these massive jumps between the high and the turbo Modes. I would really like to see something in between these two vastly different numbers.

Final Thoughts

This is truly an incredible tactical flashlight. You’ll be impressed the moment you charge it up and see the full 3200 lumen power. Klarus did an excellent job with the XT11X. If you are in the market for a new tactical flashlight whether it’s for work or home defense or to add to your tactical flashlight collection, definitely check out the Klarus XT11X.