Top 3 Best SureFire Flashlights on the Market


Top 3 Best SureFire Flashlights on the Market

Tactical flashlights must be durable, reliable, and equipped with a variety of extra features that turn them into irreplaceable survival tools. SureFire is the company specializing in the production of such devices. The best SureFire flashlights are used by law enforcement professionals, hunters, and survivalists all over the world.

Best Surefire Flashlights

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The military and police officers know that a flashlight is a tool that does not only help them do their job but also helps save their own and others’ lives. That’s why they are looking for the most reliable and efficient tactical torches. SureFire started as a weapon lights company but today its product range includes flashlights, headlamps, spotlights, and a variety of other tactical light tools.

The company offers all kinds of flashlights, from a regular 2-cell torch to extremely powerful 20-cells and models with highly useful features, like remote power regulation. The best SureFire flashlights are compact, reasonably lightweight, provide good runtime, and give very high light output.

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Top 3 Best SureFire Flashlights

  1. SureFire G2X

Surefire G2XThe G2X is one of the most popular SureFire flashlight series. It’s designed for convenience, so the device is both lightweight and ergonomically shaped.

This series is the best SureFire flashlights for survivalists and everyone who wants to be prepared for any situation. You can keep the G2X in your bag, backpack, or car. The device is so small, it’ll fit into the pocket of your jacket, so you can carry it at all times.


  • The G2X single-output and double-output provide 320 lumens and the G2X LE generates 400 lumens. Both are enough to blind an opponent or flood a large area with light.
  • The body of the flashlight is made of nitrolon polymer, which is scratch and corrosion-resistant and ensures good grip
  • The LED emitter on the G2X is extremely durable and the light features a top-quality precision reflector.

What People Say

The reviews of the G2X series flashlights are overwhelmingly positive. People like their durability, ergonomic design, easy grip, and high light output.

The G2X was developed specifically for law enforcement professionals and first responders. Its performance and reliability are unmatched. The versatility of the beam and overall convenience makes it a perfect flashlight for any situation.

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  1. SureFire Defender

Surefire Defender


Small, durable, efficient, the Defender is definitely one of the best SureFire flashlights. It’s used by the military and police officers as well as survival experts. This light can help you out of a sticky situation and even serve as a self-defense tool due to the Strike Bezel and the ability to blind an attacker.


  • The Defender series flashlights provide two output levels. One is 5 lumens and can be used as an energy-saving mode. The other is 500 lumens and it ensures that you see everything in the area.
  • The SureFire TIR lens allows to both focus the light beam far ahead and ‘spills’ less intense light to ease your peripheral vision.
  • The body of the Defender is made of aerospace aluminum and it features a nearly indestructible LED emitter with an impact-resistant tempered window.

What People Say

According to reviewers, the Defender is among the best SureFire flashlights due to its superior durability and light beam. It’s extremely versatile application-wise and convenient to use as the device is lightweight and allows for an easy and secure grip.

Like all SureFire flashlights, the Defender provides a high level of light spill. The torch is compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for your everyday carry kit.

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  1. SureFire P2X Fury

Surefire P2X

One of the best SureFire flashlights, the P2X Fury is compact and provides smooth and extremely efficient light output. Its beam is reasonably wide and the lens ensures that the maximum of light is focused at its center. This means that you can easily highlight a distant object and still have enough ‘surrounding’ light to see the area around it.


  • The P2X Fury provides 600 lumens light output and a 15-lumens mode for maximizing the runtime.
  • The flashlight is equipped with a micro-textured precision reflector and a LED emitter that is almost impossible to break.
  • The P2X models are made of aerospace aluminum. The body is Mil-Spec hard-anodized, which makes it nearly indestructible. The window is tempered and resists both direct physical and thermal damage.

What People Say

The Fury flashlights are often used by the military and survivalists. This device is good for an everyday carry kit as it’s light and compact. The reviewers highlight the great light output and reliable tailswitch.

The P2X SureFire flashlights are durable, efficient, and highly versatile. You can use them in any situation, including emergencies and self-defense.

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