Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Review : Vizeri VZ460, VZ230


Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Review of Vizeri VZ460 and Vizeri VZ230As an avid outdoorsman, one of the most important tools I own is my flashlight. I have tried literally hundreds of different flashlights and the Vizeri LED Tactical flashlight beats them all. There have been more than a couple of incidents where I was left in the dark because my flashlight simply failed to work. Sometimes this was due to oversight on my part (such as failing to check the batteries), but often it was due to the flashlight simply not being able to hold up.

As an outdoorsman, mountain climber and overall adventure seeker, I’ve found that most flashlights simply aren’t built to take such rigorous punishment. Not so with the Vizeri flashlight! The body of the vizeri is made from high grade anodized aluminum. This is the same material Aircrafts are made from, so you know it’s durable! With its Type III hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish (AnoShield™), this is one of the toughest flashlight, able to take all the abuse I could dish out and still come back for more!

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Video Review

N.B: This video is reviewed only VZ230 lumens flashlight. All accessories are same only difference is that 460 lumens has on VZ460 flashlight.

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Difference between Vizeri VZ230 and Vizeri VZ460

Both have Lifetime a manufacturer Warranty, same design, same Focusing Lens, Military Quality build, Cree XML T6 or XRE Q5. But have power difference which is measured by Lumens. Vizeri VZ230 has 230 lumens and Vizeri VZ460 has 460 lumens. Remember, high lumen always better, although it will depend on your need.

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight (VZ230 or VZ460) Features:

Unique Rugged Design flashlight

As mentioned above, one of the best features (in my opinion) of the Vizeri LED Flashlight is it’s rugged design. This flashlight uses very high quality, military grade aluminum in it’s construction. This is not some cheap aluminum flashlight that’s going to get crushed, dented or broken. You can literally run over this thing with your car, and it will keep working! How do I know this? Because I actually did run it over with my 2015 Ford F-350, just to see how it would hold up. I am very happy to report that it held up quite nicely, without even a dent or scratch on its surface. And talking about the surface, Vizeri vz230 and Vizeri vz460 actually uses the patented AnoShield technology, to give it one of the hardest finished available. Type III Hard anodizing is a term that describes a method of anodizing coating, where the surface hardness and resistance to abrasion is a priority. Simply hold this flashlight in your hand and you can FEEL the difference. It’s most certainly the most rugged flashlight I have seen for any money!

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Focusing Lens, Lifetime Warranty Review Vizeri VZ230, VZ460Versatile power source and long lasting flashlight

While most smaller, tactical flashlights use either AA batteries or AAA batteries, the Vizeri goes a step further. Not only does this flashlight run off of 3 AAA batteries, but it also comes with a battery extension tube, which allows you to also use a Lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable battery. The user manual states that you can get 3 hours on the high beam and up to 97 hours on the low setting, however I believe these estimates are very conservative. I have had the same battery (using the Lithium-ion 18650) in this flashlight since i first received it and have noticed absolutely no degradation in the power, so let’s just say – you can use this a LONG time and not have to worry about your battery going dead for a while. Of course, it’s always wise to pack a few extra batteries if you plan on going hiking or camping away from civilization.

Flashlight multifunction or Multiple settings

There actually FIVE (six if you count the zoom mode) different modes for this flashlight, which covers all your needs. There is the High Beam mode, which can project a steady beam of light over 200 Meters away, a mid beam, which provides more than enough light to illuminate your immediate surroundings and the low beam which gives you adequate lighting while indoors (or in a tent) or when you need to illuminate something close up. The Vizeri flashlight also has a strobe mode and an SOS mode. The strobe mode can be used for various effects and makes a great party gadget (yes, that’s how I use my Vizeri flashlight Strobe mode, as a compact strobe light for my parties).

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Cree XML T6 or XRE Q5, Military Quality Review : Vizeri VZ460, VZ230

The SOS mode is awesome! If you’ve ever had a flashlight with an SOS mode, it’s usually not a “true” SOS. An S-O-S is a signal with 3 long dashes followed by 3 short “dots” then 3 long dashes. Most flashlights that claim to have an SOS mode simply repeat —… (SO). I actually never even realized this until I used the SOS mode on this flashlight. It actually gives 3 LONG signals, 3 SHORT signals and 3 LONG signals. Then it pauses, and repeats. In other words, it is a TRUE SOS signal, that can very well be a lifesaver.

The modes are easily select-able by pressing the power switch halfway in until the mode you wish is accessed. When you turn the flashlight off and then back on again later, it will remember the last mode and automatically turn on in that mode.

Built In Zoom Flashlight

One of the really beautiful things about the Vizeri flashlight is the Zoom function built into this flashlight. On some flashlights you can telescope in order to zoom in on the beam, but this is often clunky and the telescoping mechanism never stays in place. With Vizeri vz460 or vz230, there is no telescope, it’s all done by twisting the top of the flashlight, much like you would with a pair of binoculars or with a telescope. I’ve found the zoom feature very useful when hunting small prey, I can pinpoint a movement and zoom in on it with the light in seconds, allowing me to see exactly what it is that’s making the noise.

Vizeri Flashlight brightness

At first I was a bit skeptical whether or not this flashlight would really be bright enough for my needs. Most tactical flashlights I have used in the past were in the range of 300-1000 lumens, whereas the Vizeri vz230 LED flashlight has a maximum brightness of only 230 Lumens. I thought, at first, this just may not be enough light for my taste, but was I wrong! I learned a lesson about lumens and flashlights by using the Vizeri vz230 LED. First, almost every tactical flashlight I’ve ever used always tended to get heated, fast, often becoming too hot to handle after a several minutes of use. I figured this was the case with any high powered flashlight and something I would just have to deal with. At 230 Lumens, this flashlight NEVER got hot, even after having it on high beam for almost an hour! Second, most flashlights with higher lumens tend to have very short battery lives. Focusing Lens Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Review Military Quality Vizeri VZ460, VZ230

This, again, was something I just came to expect, more powerful light is going to require more power (stands to reason). With the Vizeri flashlight, as mentioned previously, the battery life is absolutely phenomenal! To top it all off, the 230 lumens is more than adequate for all my needs and I don’t even notice the difference, other than this flashlight doesn’t blind me with unnecessary brightness. If you need higher lumens then i will recommend go with Vizeri vz460 flashlight.


A few things I haven’t mentioned about this flashlight is that it is IPX-7 waterproof, includes a diffuser (which means you can even use this flashlight as a lamp) and uses Lumenboost™ optical reflector technology (which gives you maximum output with minimum power consumption. As a matter of fact, there are probably quite a few details I may not have mentioned, but it would just take too much time and too much space to list all of them. Let me just say, if you are looking for a powerful, compact, durable, long-lasting tactical flashlight that you can rely on, you simply cannot go wrong with he Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight. Do yourself a favor and check it out, you’ll be very glad you did!

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