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best rechargeable flashlight

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Today, I want to talk about the best rechargeable flashlight that you will find on the market today. Now, this is actually really difficult to choose between because out of all the different brands of flashlights from Klarus to Nitecore to Olight to MecArmy to Fenix, all of those different brands, it’s hard to narrow down which is the ultimate best rechargeable flashlight. But, in my opinion, the Klarus XT12GT will win every single time.

So, what’s so great about the XT12GT? Well, not only is it really powerful at 1,600 lumens, but it also has a unique charging system. While many flashlights come with a proprietary charging adaptor or a charging cable, the XT12GT somehow found a way to have a proprietary magnetic charging port while also allowing the user to use a Micro USB to USB cable. While it’s great to have any kind of rechargeable flashlight, and most rechargeable flashlights will come with a proprietary charging adaptor if it requires one, having a flashlight that you can use a USB cable on is beyond convenient because everyone has USB cables just strewn about their house in probably random places. I know I’ve collected several over the years. I even had to donate some of them.

But, back to the XT12GT. This flashlight has a magnetic charging port and this magnetic charging port actually has a battery indicator as well so you can see where your battery is at, around where your battery is at, plan your usage around that information. It also tells you when the battery is charging and when it’s completely full so you know when to disconnect it. With the magnetic charging port, it charges the flashlight really securely, and it’s just such a nice feature to have.

Not only is the XT12GT one of the brightest flashlights, it’s also just a really convenient and versatile flashlight. It comes with a small magnetic charging connector and this little connector allows you to turn any Micro USB cable into a magnetic charging cable for your XT12GT. This is actually excellent. This little, tiny thing can fit on your key chain very easily so the XT12GT is unbelievably convenient. If you happen to be at someone’s house and you need to charge this flashlight, you can simply ask your friend for a Micro USB cable and you’re good to go. That’s all you need. Not to mention that that little magnetic connector also has a small light on it which can be used as just an everyday carry light on your key chain and that’s just really convenient.

Along with the XT12GT, there are certainly other LED rechargeable flashlights that should be mentioned. One such example is going to be the MecArmy PT16. This is a small key chain flashlight that can put out a thousand lumens of power. That is unbelievable for a flashlight that is under three inches in length. The PT16 is definitely one of the brightest pocket flashlights you’re going to find.

It’s also a USB flashlight meaning it’s USB rechargeable, so instead of that magnetic charging port like the XT12GT has, the MecArmy PT16 connects to the Micro USB cable directly, and you can just charge your flashlight fully not worrying about changing out the batteries or buying new batteries. In fact, many of the MecArmy flashlights, especially the PT series, all of them have that USB rechargeable feature. When it comes to an everyday carry flashlight, that is beyond important to have. These flashlights will come with smaller batteries, more difficult to find batteries and often may not have the best run times, so you definitely want to have a rechargeable flashlight when you’re looking for an everyday carry flashlight, or a pocket flashlight, or a key chain flashlight for that matter.

Another rechargeable flashlight that I want to talk about is the FlashlightZ Beacon. This is a brand new exclusive LED flashlight that was just recently released, and it is an incredible flashlight, especially for beginners who are looking for a tactical flashlight to use while spending under $40. Often times when you’re shopping for a tactical flashlight, you won’t always find one that is also rechargeable, so when you combine a tactical with rechargeable flashlight, it’s always exciting because you combine convenience with that tactical power.

The FlashlightZ Beacon also delivers 1,000 lumens of power which is great for a tactical flashlight. But, as I mentioned before, it’s also USB rechargeable so you can recharge your flashlight while you’re driving around doing errands, while you’re working at your computer or while you’re just having a relaxing evening at home. If you have a wall adaptor, simply plug that cable in and your flashlight in, and you’re good to go. Let that flashlight charge until you need it. When you’re getting ready for a camping trip or you’re getting ready for a vacation of some kind and you’re bringing your flashlight with you, it’s wonderful charging your flashlight fully and knowing that it’s good. You don’t have to worry about changing out the batteries.

Batteries can be really expensive because many of the high quality flashlights on the market today use lithium-ion batteries or lithium batteries. Both of these batteries can be a little more costly and can be a little more difficult to find than say your regular alkaline batteries. But, in the end, they do deliver significantly more power that it is worth it. But, whenever you have a rechargeable flashlight, there is absolutely no reason to worry about alkaline batteries or to worry about the more expensive batteries. In fact, you probably make up your money just by not having to replace the batteries. You could buy an easy $20 flashlight from Walmart but you’ll have to be continually replacing those batteries whereas the Beacon is not very expensive. It’s actually at a great value and you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries for a long, long while. You can charge that battery several hundred times and you’re still good to go.

These three flashlights are definitely my favorite rechargeable flashlights. Of course, as flashlights continue to come out, that’ll probably change but for today I can definitely say these are some of the best rechargeable flashlights that you’re going to find. With the XT12 GT being the absolute best rechargeable flashlight because of that magnetic charging port that it has that’s so convenient to use.

Rechargeable flashlights come in a variety of different sizes and a variety of different categories and really it just depends on you, which one you’re most comfortable with. I do have rechargeable flashlights and I have non-rechargeable flashlights and both serve their purpose but all together I really do prefer the rechargeable flashlights simply because of convenience’s sake, and I don’t have to worry about buying extra batteries which can cost quite a bit of money in the long run.

It was definitely really difficult picking which flashlight I thought was the best rechargeable flashlight. And, as I’ve said, I’m sure my opinion will change later on but Klarus creating that magnetic USB charging port and that magnetic charging connector that you can carry on your key chain, that is just a brilliant feature and a brilliant accessory for any flashlight to have.

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