Best Tactical Flashlight For Your Pocket – Fenix E18R


Best Tactical Flashlight For Your Pocket – Fenix E18R

Don’t underestimate the brilliance of pocket flashlights because these flashlights are going to be the ones that you grab on your way out the door with your keys. Finding the best pocket flashlight can be difficult but you have my reviews to help figure out which pocket flashlight is the right one for you. The tactical flashlight I’ll be reviewing today is the Fenix E18R. I’m excited to share with you the details of this unique little tactical flashlight because it has some features I think you’ll find really interesting from the reliable Fenix brand.

rechargeable edc light
Best Rechargeable Flashlight Fenix E18R

750 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Let’s talk about the power of this flashlight first. It may be a tiny flashlight, but it’s incredibly powerful that delivers a maximum output of 750 lumens. It features a Cree XP-L HI LED and can reach as far as 136 meters away. For a flashlight that can easily fit in your pocket that’s very impressive both in power and in distance. The optical lens of the E18R is coated with AI+UV and this offers a clear vision so the light shines through perfectly. Fenix has outdone themselves by making an optical lens that is over half the size of the common optical lens that are found on tactical flashlights making this flashlight even more compact.


Best Pocket Flashlight with Multiple Outputs

The E18R is an easy pocket flashlight to operate with its single side switch design. You can see a copper stainless steel bezel protecting the lens as well as protecting the side switch. The stainless steel protecting the side switch helps to better find it in the dark. You can easily lock out the side switch so that you know your flashlight won’t be turning on in your pocket. This is a feature I particularly like because you often won’t know your flashlight has accidentally turned on until you start feeling the heat or until someone else points it out to you.

The E18R LED flashlight features 4 brightness levels that range from 5 lumens to 750 lumens as well as a strobe mode in case of emergency. It’s great that it features so many different outputs for you to choose between, allowing you to use this pocket flashlight in multiple situations. I was surprised to see that the low is 5 lumens as opposed to 1 lumen because Fenix flashlights often have that eco brightness level. However, I find that 5 lumens is still a great amount of light for reading the dark or conserving your battery. In the lowest brightness level, the E18R can last up to 70 hours which is definitely impressive.

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Compact Tactical Flashlight Fenix E18R

Compact Flashlight

I keep saying that this light is a compact and tiny flashlight. To give you an idea of the size, the length is less than two and a half inches and the diameter is a little less than an inch. This flashlight is so small that you can clip it onto your pocket and forget about it until you need it or put it in a purse or bag without taking up hardly any space. The E18R is 60 mm whereas the length of a common AA battery is 50 mm. That’s one tiny flashlight.

Another impressive attribute of the E18R is the durable body. The body is constructed from a high-strength aluminum that is oxidation resistant. This durable aluminum will protect the inner electrical components of the flashlight from potential drops. It also has that beautiful hard anodized anti-abrasive finish that gives it a sleek look and helps protect the light from wear and scratches. With any pocket flashlight it’s important to I know that it is durable and wear resistant since this is a flashlight you’ll most likely be carrying with you quite a lot.

Another feature that I really like about this flashlight is that it has a magnetic tail. So you’re able to attach this flashlight to any metal surface and illuminate an area hands-free. This is especially useful for electricians, engineers, handymen, and more. I myself have used magnetic tail features when I am fixing appliances in my own house or doing some other type of work where I need both my hands. So it’s always a big benefit to me if a flashlight features that magnetic tail.

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Fenix E18R Small EDC Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight

The E18R is a rechargeable flashlight that features a magnetic charging function. You can see the magnetic charging port on the opposite side of the side switch. It does come with a proprietary magnetic charging cable. I’m always torn about magnetic charging functions on tactical flashlights. On the one hand, it’s really nice to not have to fiddle with USB charging ports. You can put the magnetic charging cable right next to the charging port and they snap together securely and easily. On the other hand, you only have one magnetic charging cable so if anything happens to it you’re going to have to hunt down a new one.

The E18R runs on a 16340 battery or a CR123A battery. Fenix recommends that you use 16340 batteries with the E18R. You won’t be seeing the same power using a CR123A battery which is definitely something to keep in mind. Fenix does include a 16340 battery with a 700 mAh capacity with the E18R pocket flashlight. So you have everything you need when you purchase this flashlight.

best rechargeable flashlight
Rechargeable Everyday Carry Flashlight Fenix E18R

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve covered several features of the flashlight it’s time now to narrow down the pros and cons and give you my conclusion about this pocket flashlight.

Pros: the first thing that really stood out to me with this flashlight is the tiny size of it. Yet, despite the fact that it’s so small it’s still able to deliver 750 lumens. I’m absolutely impressed with the power and size of this flashlight.

I’m also impressed with the durability of the E18R. Holding it in your hand, you can really feel the quality material that was flashlight is made from and you can tell it’s going to last you a long time. Of course, I could also go on and on about that magnetic tail cap.

Cons: the only con I can think of with this flashlight is that magnetic charging function. It does come with a single proprietary cable which means you need to be very careful with that cable and not lose it. However, I do really like the secure easy connection that you get with a magnetic charging function.

Conclusion: all in all, the Fenix E18R is a fantastic pocket flashlight and definitely one of the best pocket flashlights of 2018. If you are in the market for a new EDC light or you’re thinking of a holiday gift for someone then definitely check this flashlight out. It is a flashlight that you’ll completely fall in love with. So take a look at the Fenix E18R today.