Pocket Powerhouse Fenix E30R Flashlight Review


When it comes to a small flashlight, we always expect to sacrifice power for the convenient size. With this being the case, I’m always on the lookout for powerful compact flashlights that deliver in both size and power. I’ve found one in the Fenix E30R pocket flashlight! This little beast is perfect for EDC, but doesn’t let up on the lumens so you can expect some intense power behind it. Today, I’m going to go over the features of this LED flashlight along with my thoughts on it so you can get a good idea of how this little light works. 

1600 Lumen Pocket Flashlight

fenix e30r rechargeable flashlight

So this small flashlight is about 3.9 inches in length and still delivers a whopping 1600 lumens! The beam is a wonderful balance between a diffused beam and a focused beam. It’s definitely more on the diffused side with the hotspot smoothly dispersing into the spill, perfect for an everyday carry flashlight. With this kind of beam you’ll still get a bit of distance but it’s better for working up close on projects around the house or other everyday carry tasks. It does have a beam throw of 203 meters so as I said you do get some distance with this light

It features a really cool optical lens which distributes the beam really well. I’m a big fan of this beam because I really like the balance between the focused and flood aspects. This light is extremely easy to carry since it’s so lightweight. It has a baton style design fitting comfortably in a pocket. It does come with a pocket clip that is reversible so you can choose how you’d like to carry it.

LED Flashlight with Easy Operation

edc light fenix e30r

The operation on this light is simple with a single side switch. Simply press and hold down to turn the flashlight on and off, single click while the flashlight is on to switch between the brightness levels, press and hold while the flashlight is on for strobe. Very simple and extremely easy to learn. I appreciate an LED flashlight that has a simple user interface and doesn’t require you to re-read the manual several times to get it. 

The side switch does have a lockout function which you can double-click to lock it and double click to unlock it. With an everyday carry flashlights this is a preferable feature because I do not want a powerful flashlight to turn on in my pocket. It’s not comfortable and not good for anyone. 

Multiple Outputs on Fenix E30R

As with any Fenix light, the E30R does feature multiple brightness levels. You have turbo at 1600 lumens, high at 800 lumens, medium at 350 lumens, low at 150 lumens, and eco at 30 lumens. There’s no moonlight mode which is a bit unfortunate because I do like a moonlight mode with an EDC light. However, 30 lumens is still a small amount of light so you could still use it to read in the dark and help conserve the battery. The E30R has a 70 hour and 30 minute maximum run time so using the 30 lumens will definitely help to conserve the battery.

One thing to note is that there is no memory function with this flashlight. I’m a little disappointed because I prefer that my EDC lights have a memory function or at the very least a shortcut to the low and turbo and the E30R doesn’t have it. However when you first turn the flashlight on it does start in the eco mode so perhaps a shortcut to low would be unnecessary. Nevertheless, I would appreciate a shortcut to turbo.

Rechargeable 18650 Flashlight

rechargeable everyday carry flashlight fenix e30r

The E30R is an 18650 flashlight that features a magnetic charging function. I know some users are a big fan of the magnetic charging functions and some aren’t. There are definitely pros and cons to this magnetic charging. It does include a magnetic charging cable which is a USB cable. So the good news is you can plug it into any USB port and you’re good to go. The cable snaps right onto the port and the connection isn’t super strong but it’s still secure on the light. This can be an issue with magnetic charging flashlights where the magnetic connection may not be strong enough and can easily be knocked away. So it’s nice to know that the E30R still has a secure connection.

Another aspect of many magnetic recharging flashlights such as the Olight M2R is that it requires a proprietary battery. Thankfully, the Fenix E30R rechargeable flashlight does not need a proprietary battery. You can still charge this light using any 18650 battery which is a huge plus. The E30R flashlight is also able to run on CR123 batteries which is excellent because they do make great back up batteries. You do have a choice in your power source for this light. Of course, you won’t be able to charge the light with a CR123 batteries so I was recommend getting 18650 batteries because it’s more bang for your buck when it comes to a rechargeable flashlight.

Durable Fenix Light

No surprise here, but the E30R is an extremely durable LED flashlight which is what I would expect in any Fenix light. It is crafted from an anodized aluminum alloy giving it a sleek look and durable body. It is IP68 rated which means that it is completely protected from dust and debris and can be submerged in the water up to 2 meters for half an hour and be totally fine. This means you don’t need to worry about rain storms or accidentally dropping your flashlight in a pool. I have done this before. 

durable fenix flashlight e30r

It features a regulated output so you get a clean and constant beam. It also features an overheat protection. As you can imagine, this small flashlight gets hot very quickly so that overheat protection is something you definitely want. Without it, it could cause damage to the LED and to you. The overheat protection will jump in when the light is getting too hot to decrease the output thus protecting all electronic components of the flashlight. So this is an excellent everyday carry flashlight and is impressively durable.

Final Thoughts on the Fenix E30R

Pros: I love the size, the power, and the beam pattern on this flashlight. If you’re wanting an everyday carry flashlight that comes with a lot of power, the E30R is it. I like the magnetic recharging function. It’s nice to not have to mess with micro USB or USB-C ports all the time. Often you’ll have to make sure that the cover is secure on the port and if you lose the port cover your flashlight may not be dust or waterproof anymore. Which is why I like magnetic charging. That and it’s just easy to connect the cable to the port.

I like the simple user interface and I really like that it doesn’t need a proprietary battery. It can take 18650s or CR123s which makes it a great everyday carry flashlight.

Cons: There are a couple things I would have liked to see. At the very least, I’d like to see a memory function or a shortcut to Turbo, but preferably both. I’m missing some shortcuts with this flashlight and that is a bit of a disappointment. It also doesn’t have a moonlight mode which I found quite surprising for an edc flashlight. I do expect a lower brightness level about 10 lumens or less, probably 5 lumens or less. 30 lumens is still just a bit too bright for me for the lowest brightness level. 

One thing to note is that due to its small size but high output, this flashlight is going to get hot fast. This isn’t exactly a con, but it is something to keep in mind.

Conclusion: This pocket flashlight really wowed me. I could go on and on about the beam pattern because I really appreciated it. It’s easy to carry on you and the magnetic charging function is great. Fenix is a reputable brand that creates some really amazing lights. so if you’re looking for a new light for your EDC, I highly recommend you check out the Fenix E30R rechargeable flashlight.