Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Review – Streamlight ProTac HPL


Are you ready to look at a Streamlight rechargeable flashlight? Lately, I’ve been really into rechargeable flashlights because I believe that there will come a time when all tactical flashlights are rechargeable. With that being the case, I like to review rechargeable flashlights now to find the best ones I can. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Streamlight Protac HPL USB rechargeable flashlight. I’m going to go over the features of this light and tell you my overall opinions at the end.

Great LED Flashlight Quality and Build

One thing that can be said about any Streamlight flashlight is that the build quality is bar none. The Streamlight ProTac HPL looks nice, it feels nice, and it’s extremely sturdy. This is exactly what you want in a tactical flashlight. It is anodized aluminum, a very durable material that is built to last. This light looks great and is easy to operate.

It’s about 7 inches in length and has a more tactical style design with an enlarged head. With this being the case, this LED flashlight may be a bit difficult to carry. I wouldn’t carry it for EDC, but it would make a great duty flashlight for law enforcement, security personnel, and others who may be needing a tactical flashlight for their job. It does come with a removable pocket clip so that will make it easier to carry the flashlight if you do choose to carry it.

streamlight tactical flashlight protac hpl

One thing I want to discuss before I really get into the features of this flashlight is the Streamlight company. A lot of flashlight companies are based in China. That being the case, you can still find some high-quality and excellent flashlights from Chinese companies. However, Streamlight is based in Pennsylvania and there’s something really wonderful about supporting an American company. So if you’re wanting a high-quality flashlight from a company that’s based in the US, you can’t go wrong with Streamlight.

1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

It’s time to refocus on to the ProTac HPL flashlight. This is a high-powered tactical flashlight that delivers 1000 lumens and has an impressive beam distance of 374 meters. The beam on this light is extremely focused with some spill to it, but the spill isn’t too bright. This light was designed as more of a compact throw light so, with that in mind, I really think this beam is great. While I appreciate flashlights that do have an extremely focused beam with no spill, I prefer flashlights have some spill to them so that way you can see all around you rather than just directly where you’re pointing the beam.

Operating this LED light simple as it just has a single tail switch design. It’s just a matter of one click, two clicks, three clicks and I’ll talk about that later in this review. The tail cap has raised tips at the end almost like a bezel but not quite. These tips prevent the switch from protruding and thus cut down on accident illumination. With any high powered LED flashlight, it’s preferable to have a way to prevent the flashlight from turning on whether it’s a lockout function or a design decision in flashlight itself. These bright flashlights get really hot really quickly and you don’t want them accidentally turning on in your pocket, in your holster, or in your bag. So I appreciate the way in Streamlight designed this tail switch.

Streamlight ProTac HPL Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

So you all know that this is a rechargeable flashlight but let’s talk about that function. This Streamlight flashlight features a micro USB port that is actually covered by the head of the light itself. So you need to extend the head out in order to reveal that micro USB port. You will notice that there are o-rings around the sleeve to keep water out of the micro USB port. If you want your flashlight to remain water-resistant, don’t remove those o-rings.

streamlight protac hpl rechargeable flashlight

The ProTac HPL tactical flashlight comes with a special Streamlight battery, but you can equip it with an 18650 or two CR123 batteries. Lately I’ve been reviewing flashlights that are bit more specific about what batteries you can use, but the ProTac HPL doesn’t seem to be too particular. I’ve seen it work with different kinds of batteries which is a great plus. So you don’t need to worry about purchasing proprietary batteries or specific batteries. It’s always a great thing to see LED flashlights have the ability to use multiple battery types especially as CR123 batteries are cold resistant, easier to store, have a better shelf life, and are just lower maintenance. This is why I say CR123s make great backup batteries and I like any 18650 flashlight that can use them.

Streamlight ProTac HPL TenTap Programming

If you owned a Streamlight before you may have heard of the ten tapping program. This is a common feature among many Streamlight tactical flashlights and a lot of users like it. First, let’s talk about the outputs of the ProTac HPL flashlight. It has four total outputs with three brightness levels and strobe mode. The high is 1000 lumens, the medium is 400 lumens, and the low is 65 lumens. With the low mode you’re going to be seeing a run time of 20 hours. I would like to see a lower brightness level, but I’m actually quite happy with the spacing between each brightness level.

With the ten tap programming feature you have three settings to choose from and each setting changes how the flashlight operates. So with the first setting the flashlight will operate from high to strobe to low. So you tap once for high, tap twice for strobe, tap three times for low. The second setting will only access the high brightness level so you only have a single output. The third setting will go from low to medium to high. So between these three settings you’ve got the first setting which is great for tactical use, the second setting which is great for users who prefer that single output, and the third setting which is great for outdoor use. All in all, I’m happy with these three settings and it definitely adds versatility to this tactical flashlight.

rechargeable tactical flashlight streamlight protac hpl

The way the 10 tap programming system works is that you press the tail switch 10 times and then hold it down. By doing this, you can switch between the three different settings. It’s easy to remember, but a little tedious to have to push the switch 10 times. Nevertheless, it is straightforward and you can switch between the settings at any time. The ProTac HPL is a very versatile flashlight and I could see a lot of users really loving it.

Final Thoughts

Pros: There’s a lot to like with this flashlight. It’s a very simple LED flashlight while still being very versatile. It doesn’t have a ton of features, but the features that has it uses very well. It just has that single tail switch making it super easy to operate, but you also have the option of the user settings which allows you to change the flashlight to suit your needs at any given time. This is truly impressive flashlight that is versatile, simple, and one of the best tactical flashlights. I also really like that it has the focused hotspot with a good spill to it. Of course, I’m a big fan that it’s rechargeable and I like that you’re able to use a different battery types as well.

Cons: One thing that I didn’t mention before is that this is actually IPX4 water-resistant. I’m assuming that it is IPX4 due to the micro USB port on the flashlight. Basically, IPX4 means that it’s resistant to water splashes. That being the case, it would work in the rain, but I’d recommend using a different flashlight if you’re going to be around water such as a pool or if you go fishing. You may run into some problems if you drop this flashlight in the water.

Conclusion: This is a great LED flashlight. As I said before, it’s not an everyday carry flashlight for me, but as far as tactical flashlights go it has everything you need. Not only that, but the programmable settings make it more personal so you can use it for more tasks. This is an excellent police flashlight or duty flashlight so if you’re looking for one of those you might want to check this one out. Really I highly recommend you check out the Streamlight ProTac HPL tactical flashlight.