Surefire Search and Rescue Flashlight – Fury DFT


Most tactical flashlights that I review have a lot going for them. Many of them will have multiple brightness levels, multiple user settings, and a ton of features and shortcuts. I really do like those LED flashlights because of the versatility they offer, but today I wanted to look at a single output flashlight. After searching I found the SureFire Fury DFT, a tactical flashlight that delivers a lot of power and is considered a great search and rescue flashlight. So let’s take a look at this torch.

1500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

First things first, the SureFire Fury DFT delivers 1500 lumens which is really impressive. It is a little over five and a half inches in length so it would be okay to carry on your person. Some people prefer smaller flashlights for everyday carry and others prefer more powerful ones which means that they’re going to be a bit larger. If you’re a user who prefers a more powerful everyday carry flashlight, then you can consider the SureFire Fury DFT an everyday carry flashlight. I’m personally still on the fence as to which way I’d lean.

Search and rescue flashlight surefire fury dft

I do want to say that this flashlight does not come with a clip so carrying it around with a holster would probably be best or maybe just slipping it into your pocket. I was quite disappointed to see that it didn’t come with a clip because that would have been very useful.

It does have a really nice focused hotspot with fairly decent spill. The beam shoots far out into the distance which would make it a good search and rescue light. With a beam distance of 300 meters, you can definitely see far away very clearly. The spill is also great making this light a good choice as a duty flashlight. 

Single Output Tactical Flashlight

So this flashlight delivers 1500 lumens and it doesn’t have any other brightness levels. All you get is the one brightness level which means that all you have to do is turn the flashlight on and off using the tail switch. There’s definitely something nice about the simplicity of it. I review all of these other tactical flashlights that require a little bit of work to get used to the user interface. With this flashlight, you pick it up and you’re ready to go. You turn on, you turn it off, you’re done. You also get a momentary on with this tactical flashlight which is nice. If you are a no-nonsense person and you just need a high powered flashlight with no bells and whistles at all, then the Fury DFT is a really great option for that.

Best surefire tactical flashlight fury dft

18650 Flashlight

DFT stands for dual-fuel tactical and the Fury DFT can run on two CR123 batteries or an 18650 battery. It’s important to know that with an 18650 battery you’re going to be getting 1500 lumens and with CR123 batteries you’re going to be getting 1100 lumens. Even with CR123 batteries that’s still a good amount of light. I appreciate that Surefire made the Fury DFT capable of using different battery types and you don’t lose too much power using CR123’s.

Also, it’s important now to point out that this LED flashlight is going to be particular about batteries. A lot of flashlights can be picky about what batteries they use. If you’re going to be purchasing this light, I would highly recommend you go ahead and purchase the Surefire 18650 batteries to go with this or find a bundle that includes them. So just know that not every 18650 battery is going to work with this tactical flashlight.

18650 flashlight surefire fury dft

So using an 18650 battery, the flashlight’s going to run for about an hour and a half and using CR123 batteries, the flashlight’s going to run for about an hour and 15 minutes. That’s quite a long time for that high powered output. And, as you can imagine, the flashlight’s going to heat up quickly. If you plan on keeping the flashlight on for a long time, I’d recommend wearing gloves just to protect your hands from the heat. It can be quite uncomfortable to hold on to a high-powered flashlight for a long amount of time. Those run times are really good and I can see why many have deemed this as good search and rescue flashlight.

Final Thoughts

Pros: As I said before, this is a no-nonsense flashlight. If you want only 1500 lumens and no other outputs, no other bells and whistles, this is the tactical flashlight for you. It’s a powerful flashlight that is extremely durable. Also, Surefire offers a lifetime warranty which is amazing.

Cons: It is on the expensive side. Surefire is known for being a bit pricier, but they do have a good warranty and Surefire flashlights are reliable. There’s a reason this is a beloved brand.

Conclusion: While I could see this as an everyday carry flashlight or a tactical flashlight for a police officer, I also could definitely see this being a great flashlight for firefighters or search and rescue teams. All you need is a simple and powerful flashlight to do your job and that’s it. On top of that, Surefire does produce really high quality flashlights. So make sure to check out the SureFire Fury DFT tactical flashlight.